Lake Crackenback Resort

We arrived on Christmas Eve, Fay found her new pets right away.  Here she is feeding the ducks.  These two ducks will be at the backdoor everyday for the duration of our stay.

We thought if we run out of food, we could have Peking duck for dinner one night.

Activities at the resort – archery, trampoline and canoeing.  Somehow the kids are not keen with the swimming pool at this resort.  


Fay at the trampoline.

These ducklings at the lake are a few days old – keeps Fay entertained for a while.  There are 6 of them, but I have trouble getting them together for a family portrait. 

The apartment where we stayed.

View of the lake at the resort.
Foggy morning

There are a few walks around the resort.  I walked along Thredbo River track (part of the track belongs to Kosciuszko National Park) and was delighted when a friendly local joined me.

Thredbo River